Costco Is Selling An Advent Calendar Complete With 24 Different German Beers

In with the booze and out with the chocolate! That seems to be the theme for holiday advent calendars this year.

From wine, to gin, to vodka, the boozey advent calendars just keep rolling out.

This Brewer's Advent Calendar is currently being sold at none other than Costco right now.


Per the company Kalea's website, the advent calendar is filled with 24 different craft German beers.

It doesn't get anymore Christmas-y than that!

It's currently being sold at Costco for $59.99, which isn't that bad of a price considering single craft beer cans can go for over $3.

Instagram | @costco_doesitagain

It includes Pilsners, Pale Ales, Stouts, you name it.

People are already stocking their carts!

Instagram | @2pinkstarangel03

When you're a beer lover, it's hard to resist taste testing a fun craft beer.

Considering there are a whopping 24 to try, it's hard to wait!

One Instagram user is already getting a head start on theirs.

Instagram | @ryanspeyrer

If you love beer, you might want to stock up on a few to tide you over until Christmas!

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