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Fans Are Wishing Neil Patrick Harris Well After Revealing He Required Surgery After Latest Vacation

Fans are sending their well-wishes to actor Neil Patrick Harris since he revealed on Instagram that had undergone surgery on his hand after a family vacation to Croatia.

We love and respect Neil Patrick Harris in *this* house.

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So when the actor revealed he was requiring surgery on his finger after a Croation vacation with his family, we were shooketh.

We got especially concerned because it was just recently announced that NPH landed himself a role in the latest "Matrix" installment.


He'll be staring alongside Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

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Warner Bros. announced in August that a fourth “Matrix” movie is officially in the works and is set to start filming in a couple of months.

Which is WHY we're hoping Neil's new injury doesn't cause any issues while filming!

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Fingers crossed (no pun intended) that he has a speedy recovery and can start filming without a hitch.

Now let's back it up, NPH's dreamy Croatian trip happened two months ago!

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NPH and his hubby David Burtka have such an adorable family I can't handle it!

The only thing you should take home with you after a European vacation is some jetlag and a few extra lbs.


Sadly, NPH didn't have such luck.

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The actor posted a photo of himself in the hospital on Instagram yesterday, along with an ultrasound video of his injury.

"Had surgery today. I tripped and hand planted onto a sea urchin almost two months ago while climbing rocky cliffs in Croatia," he wrote.

How is he still so cute even in a hospital gown?

BTW if you've ever even so much as touched a sea urchin, you can probably guess how excutiating it must have been to fall hand-first on top of one.

I got chills just thinking about it.

It's bad enough that he hand-planted onto a sea urchin, but to make a bad situation worse, he got an infection from it.

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Which is so rude, to be honest.

"Most of the tiny spines I dug out myself, but two refused to leave and one got infected," he explained.

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"Turns out it pierced through a tendon (see ultrasound video)."

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"Well, thanks to the surgical talents of Dr. Dan Polatsch and his team, I’m officially urchin free and on the mend."

"Only drawback - having to wear this massive hand elevating contraption for the foreseeable future".

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"All in all, though, I have to say: uni is still delicious."

Friends and fans flooded his comment section, extending their sympathies.

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His fellow How I Met Your Mother co-star and longtime pal, Cobie Smulders, sent her well-wishes.

Speaking of "How I Met Your Mother", this person joked that they were surprised to see NPH wearing sweatpants.

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I don't think he will be suiting up anytime soon!

Here's another hilarious "How I Met Your Mother" reference.

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Whenever Barney Stinson starts feeling sick, he stops being sick and starts being "awesome instead."

That show really never gets old.

Some fans find this injury to be a unique one.

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I suppose out of the countless reasons there are to have surgery, this one wouldn't necessarily be high up on the list.

I rate this pun 10/10.

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This person deserves way more recognition for coming up with this one.

It was simple, tasteful, and perfectly executed.

Well done, @thefabulouskjg.

This person suggested that NPH eat as much uni as he can to avenge his finger.

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That'll teach those sea urchins not to mess with him ever again!

Get well soon, NPH! We hope your hand feels good as new in no time.

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Sending our thoughts, prayers, and healing vibes!