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Drink Your Beer And Bathe In It Too Thanks To Beer Spas

Many people associate drinking a glass, a can, or a pint (or few) of beer with relaxation. After moving, painting, working on the yard, or simply just a long day at work, many want to sit down and relax with a cold crisp beer in hand.

For others, chilling in piping warm or hot bath is relaxing. So, if you're a beer and bath lover, well, a trip to a beer spa is just for you!

There are a lot of wild things that exist in this world, and a beer spa is one of them.

Facebook | Thermal Beer Spa Budapest

In these spas, people chill in warm baths of hoppy beer and are treated to their own beer tap within arms reach.

According to a beer spa in Prague, hop oil works to open pores and its vitamin B properties keep skin looking healthy and glowing.

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They also claim that bathing in an oak tub further boosts our metabolism and reduces stress and fatigue.

Wow. Sign me right up!

With a simple Google search, you can find many of these spas all over the world.

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However, they're mostly concentrated in Nordic and Bavarian countries, where beer is like holy water.

If that's a little too far for you, there is one located on America's west coast, in Oregon.

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While they all look like spas inside, this one really has gone the extra mile to give it a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance.

And honestly, the prices aren't too bad. For one person, the cheapest experience costs $79 to soak in crafted hops and minerals and snack on some pretzels and sip some beer!

This sounds like the ultimate getaway for beer lovers!