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Apple's Latest iOS 13 Update Makes It Harder For Cold Callers To Reach You

It's doubtful that any of us can remember a time when it was unusual for our day to be interrupted by cold callers.

Not only is it annoying to get distracted by someone trying to sell us things, but modern callers always seem to launch into a sales pitch that takes minutes to get through before we can get a word in edgewise. And the worst part is that it's clear that someone else is telling them to say this, so it's not even like it's fair to get mad at them.

Fortunately, it may not be long before we no longer have to worry about this dilemma if Apple's latest system update works like we think it does.

Last month, Apple released new software for iPhones in the form of iOS 13.

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As CNBC reported, the new operating system became available on iPhone 6S devices and newer and gained particular interest thanks to its night time-friendly dark mode.

However, it now seems this isn't the only new feature iPhone users can now enjoy.

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According to CNBC, it now comes with a feature that allows users to silence unknown callers, which means telemarketers and robocalls will now find it harder to get your attention.

Should one of these unknown callers try to reach you with this feature enabled, they'll find themselves going directly to voicemail.

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Your device also won't ring while this is going on so you can remain unaware that they even tried to contact you.

The only problem with this feature is that it similarly blocks anyone who isn't in your contact list.

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So if you're expecting a call, your options are either to add that person to your contacts, check your voicemail vigilantly, or call them beforehand and trick your device into thinking it knows the number.

Indeed, one exemption to this is that if you call someone and they call you back, your phone should recognize them.

In any case, the next time you want to focus on something without interruptions, here's how you enable this feature.

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Once you've ensured that you have the latest version of iOS 13, open your settings on your phone and tap the screen. You should then be able to scroll down to "Silence Unknown Callers" and toggle it on.

Enjoy your newfound silence!

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