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This Bride's Chicken Nugget Bouquet Is A Major Wedding Mood

Bouquets are one wedding item that can seriously rack up a credit card, so many brides have been making them a little more practical. We've seen brides ditch the floral arrangement for donuts, pizza roses, and even clay that will last forever and ever.

The food bouquets seem to be a huge hit, and the next bouquet you're about to witness is seriously goals.

Meet the Toledo, Ohio-based newlyweds Blair and Adam Tyson.

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The two recently had a dreamy fall wedding.

During the reception, one of Blair's cousins and bridesmaids gave a speech, as most do.

Instagram | @jspetz

But, there was a surprise up the bridal party's sleeve.

Jenna Spetz, Blair's Maid of Honor, had the absolute honor of gifting her bestie a bouquet of Tyson brand dino-shaped chicken nuggets!

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Basically, we all want Jenna at our weddings.

Gifting some Tyson chicken nuggets is entirely fitting for her new last name, Tyson.

Instagram | @jspetz

The couple also got a fun shoutout from the brand on Instagram, saying, "Kisses and nugs to Adam and Blair Tyson! We’re so thrilled to be part of this dino-mite couple’s special day! Wishing them a lifetime of #FunNugget love from our Tyson family to theirs."

That's seriously awesome! We wouldn't be surprised if this was the most memorable part of their wedding night.

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