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Man Caught Driving Stolen Vehicle With Whiskey, Gun, Rattlesnake, Uranium Inside

Although it's hard to get through life without some weird stories to tell, some jobs are almost guaranteed to expose people to a lot more of them than others.

And it shouldn't be surprising that this is a common experience among police officers. Unfortunately, it's a job that often teaches people firsthand what humans can be like at their worst. So it may almost seem more comforting to also catch them at their weirdest.

And while I guess it's not impossible that the events of this story were just another Wednesday for one Oklahoma man, it seems more likely that he was living out one of his weirder days during his arrest.

On June 26, police in Guthrie, Oklahoma pulled over 40-year-old Stephen Jennings and 30-year-old Rachael Rivera for driving with expired tags.

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But that was only the start of the duo's troubles, as ABC News reported that the Ford Explorer Jennings was driving had no insurance and needed to be impounded.

Police would later discover that the vehicle had been stolen and that Jennings had an expired license.

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Not only that, but Rivera had a gun in her possession, which was an issue because Rivera had a previous felony conviction.

As if the pair weren't already in enough trouble, police also discovered an open bottle of whiskey in the vehicle.

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Once all was said and done, Jennings was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, transporting an open container of liquor, operating a vehicle with a suspended license, and failure to carry a security verification form.

As indicated above, Rivera was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

But just because police had finished finding offenses to charge Jennings with, that doesn't mean his case stopped surprising them.

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As Sgt. Anthony Gibbs told ABC News, "So when the impound of the vehicle begins and they start moving compartments, here's the rattlesnake in the backseat. It was surprising to the officer, obviously."

However, no charges were laid for the reptile because Jennings happened to have it during the season where it's legal to hunt rattlesnakes in Oklahoma.

Jennings also didn't face any trouble for another bizarre discovery in the Explorer: A container of yellow uranium powder.

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As ABC News reported, Jennings told police he had the element in his possession because it came with a Geiger counter he had bought to test metals.

Jennings joked that he was trying to create a "super snake."

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Jennings was determined to be in possession of a legal amount of uranium for the state of Oklahoma and NBC News reported that the uranium was not considered weapons-grade due to low radioactivity.

According to ABC News, the snake was euthanized after it was removed from the vehicle.

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