David Schwimmer Welcomed Jennifer Aniston To Instagram In The Cutest Way

You may have heard about the news that literally broke Instagram yesterday, or maybe no one told you life was going to be this way. I'll catch you up regardless, but I'll try to keep it below 18 pages, front and back.

Jennifer Aniston finally joined Instagram!

Instagram | @courteneycoxofficial

She's nearly completed the entire Friends cast having a profile on the app, leaving only Matthew Perry as unrepresented. Everyone was pretty excited.

Her first post was iconic.

Instagram | @jenniferaniston

No big deal, it was the first photo of the entire Friends cast we've gotten since the show went off the air. "Now we're Instagram FRIENDS too," she captioned her post.

David Schwimmer decided to welcome her to Instagram with the cutest post.

Instagram | @schwim

He shared this adorable image of Lego Ross and Rachel with the simple caption, "Hi Jen! x"

Where was MY cute Lego post when I joined Instagram?!

Don't worry, by the way. Jennifer's definitely responded.

Instagram | @jenniferaniston

She shared his post to her Instagram story with the response, "Hi Schwimmy!" which did the twofold task of teaching us that she calls David Schwimmer "Schwimmy" and also shows off that she already knows how Instagram stories work.

This is the trade off we've made for 'Friends' coming off Netflix.

We'll be getting more real life Friends content in exchange for having to actually break out our DVD player when we want to watch the show.

I accept this deal.