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Watch This Dad And Son Celebrate 11 Months Cancer-Free With A Dancing Video

Anyone who has ever had to face a health crisis knows that your attitude and perspective surrounding your situation are important factors in your recovery. When the lows are really low, it becomes vital to make the highs the highest they can be and relish in your day-to-day wins.

Overcoming a major illness would be cause for anyone to celebrate, especially if the person fighting is only two-years-old.

One choreographer and dance studio owner has been keeping his son's spirits high despite his difficult circumstances.

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Kenny Thomas's two-year-old son Kristian was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2018. The young toddler with Down's Syndrome has since undergone extensive treatment, including five rounds of chemotherapy.

While Kristian was recovering in hospital, his father would dance for him.

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Thankfully, he was declared cancer-free in November 2018, and to celebrate, both Kenny and Kristian made a video dancing to celebrate the occasion.

Months later, the duo are celebrating once again—this time for Kristian being 11 months cancer-free.

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The devoted father took to Instagram to share a video of he and his son bobbing up and down to a song by rapper Lil Mama.

"Father-Son chemistry," the caption to the video reads, "11 Months Cancer Free!! If we can do it you can do it!! Live Free!!"

Kenny has since been dubbed "The Dancing Dad" with the video racking up over 20,000 views on Instagram alone.

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"I’ve been doing these videos and people have been loving them since the first one that I did.

"I figure why be the dad that’s grieving and complaining about his son being in the hospital and his family being in the hospital all day?" he told Mail Online, "Why don’t I change things up a little bit and let’s show people how to be positive in this situation?"

"We know first hand how it can be dealing with the struggles of childhood cancer. The last thing anyone wants to lose is their faith and happiness."

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Kenny explained to Good Morning America that dancing and listening to music are extremely therapeutic to Kristian: "He’s always calm when music is on and when someone is dancing. He’s always in the studio with me and is always seeing me dance."

"He is a bundle of joy and a ball of fire who is truly inspiring."

Watch the video for yourself, but beware of cuteness overload!

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