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Gina Rodriguez Slammed For 'Atrocious' Apology After Using The N-Word On Instagram

Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez landed herself in some hot water yesterday after uploading a video of her singing along to a song to her Instagram story. The song in question was 'Ready or Not' by the Fugees, and the line Gina recorded herself singing included the use of the n word.

After she uploaded the video, the backlash started pouring in.

Gina quickly deleted the video from her Instagram story, but the damage was already done. Gina then posted a quick apology video to her story.

"I'm sorry if I offended anyone by singing along to the Fugees..." she said in the video.

"To a song that I grew up on. I love Lauryn Hill," she continued.

Fans immediately claimed that this apology was insincere and seemed to be sarcastic.

"This apology is atrocious," wrote one Twitter user.

Another wrote, "This is an example of someone being deliberately obtuse. Gina Rodriguez KNOWS she offended people, not for singing a song but for saying the N-word. If the apology is going to be insincere, just keep quiet.

Gina was accused of anti-black racism earlier in the year for comments she made about the movie 'Black Panther.'

One Twitter user accused her of deliberately choosing that part of the song to sing and upload, writing, "The song Gina Rodriguez was singing is 4 minutes. The N-word was said only once in the whole song. That's the 8 seconds she conveniently posted on her IG story. And y'all wanna tell me she wasn't just looking for attention?"

Gina then posted a second apology on her Instagram page.

Instagram | @hereisgina

Many are not pleased with this one, either, with one Twitter user writing, "community of color??? why is gina rodriguez scared of saying the word 'Black'???? this is such a self serving apology that centers her pain instead of those that she hurt."