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Liam Hemsworth's Girlfriend Said She Was 'Too Insecure' To Date Him Just Four Months Ago

When it comes to celebrity crushes, that's what they tend to be, right? Just crushes.

Unless, of course, you're Maddison Brown.

The 22-year-old Australian actress was been spotted out with Liam Hemsworth last week and everyone's been obsessed with them ever since.

But of course, the internet never rests which means we've uncovered some wild footage of Maddison from an interview back in June.

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While appearing on the "Zach Sang Show" she and Dynasty co-star Liz Gillies played the ever-entertaining game "F, Marry, Kill."

Maddison was given an Australian version of the game, which included Hugh Jackman, Liam and Chris Hemsworth as a package deal, and Margot Robbie.

YouTube | Zach Sang Show

"I would [explective] the Hemsworth brothers, but at the same time, both of them,” she joked.

“I couldn’t marry them. I’m too insecure," she continued.

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"I would be like, ‘You’re too attractive. You are never allowed to leave the house.'"

The STUNNING Maddison Brown insecure? Shocking and upsetting, tbh.

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Watch the full, hilarious interview below!

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