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Man Leaves Hilarious Recording At His Own Funeral That Left Everyone Laughing

Many people will start planning their dream weddings as kids, but I was often more interested in imagining how my funeral would go.

That's not because I go for a particularly Gothic aesthetic, nor necessarily because I'm weird or morbid (although I do enjoy being both), but because it's more practical for me to think about.

As far as I can see it, any wedding plans would obviously have a lot to do with a relationship I don't have right now. Indeed, we may or may not end up getting married in life, but we all eventually understand that we will someday die.

So it can help to think about how we'd like to make our final expression of how we looked at life and what we'd want to say to those who made our lives special.

And it seems that one man has found a boundlessly charming way to do both.

On Saturday, the family and friends of Shay Bradley gathered to attend his funeral in Kilmanagh, Ireland.

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As The Daily Mail reported, Bradley was a veteran of the Irish Defense Forces and his last laugh was indicative of the kind of dark humor that often prevails in the military.

As the video begins, however, the mood is somber.

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In fact, it feels a little uncomfortable and almost voyeuristic to watch a group of strangers mourn somebody that most of us also didn't know.

But soon enough, it becomes clear why somebody chose to record this normally private and intimate moment.

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About 16 seconds in, Bradley's grave starts to speak.

"Hello?" it says before some knocking noises follow.

The mourners soon realize they're hearing Bradley's voice and start laughing as he yells, "Let me out, where the f*** am I?"

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And that laughter quickly spreads as he continues knocking and says, "Let me out, it's f***ing dark in here!"

Bradley's recording keeps the bit up for a while before sharing a little song.

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"Hello again," he sings, "Hello. I just called to say goodbye."

Bradley's daughter, Andrea said his final message was played via a speaker on the ground.

As she tweeted out, "He would love to know how many people he made laugh!!! He was an amazing character."

And you'll probably get a sense of that fantastic character from the full video.

h/t: The Daily Mail