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Pineapple-Flavored Mountain Dew Is Keeping The Spirit Of Summer Alive

It may be October, but Mountain Dew, known for their sweet tropical-esque flavors, is switching things up and sending us all the way back to summer with their new Maui Burst flavor.

Mountain Dew just quietly and super nonchalantly dropped a new flavor in Dollar General stores across the country.

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Their new Maui Burst flavor is a giant nod to the tropical flavors of summer, and it looks like it would go great with some vodka or tequila, tbh.

People on Instagram are already shelling out the reviews.

Instagram | @dadbodsnacks

Food review account @dadbodsnacks gave it a whopping 8/10 for its classic citrus flavor mixed with a healthy dose of sweet ripe pineapple.

Other Instagrammers have noted that the pineapple flavor isn't super strong, which could either be good or disappointing depending on your flavor preferences.

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However, the universal consensus is that the subtle pineapple aroma and flavor complement the original flavor of Mountain Dew very well.

It looks like the beverage is being sold in large 16 oz. cans and contain a whopping 74 mg of caffeine!

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That's equivalent to about 6 ounces of instant coffee.

So, if you're looking for a sweet break from pumpkin spice and a bit of a caffeine kick, this drink sounds like it will be right up your alley!

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