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Gingerbread Who? Oreo's Holiday Chocolate Cookie House Is Officially Taking Over Christmas

No one's exactly sure how and why building gingerbread houses became a holiday household tradition, but there's no doubt it's a fun one that either brings families together or tears them apart for approximately five minutes afterwards.

Family gingerbread house competitions just got a little more complicated with this Oreo Holiday Chocolate Cookie house, because everyone will be fighting for a bite of it!

Building gingerbread houses during the holidays is a longstanding tradition among many families all over the world.

Go to any grocery or retail store and you can find multiple versions of the Hansel and Gretel-style confectionery house, including an all-chocolate Christmas cottage, and even a LEGO version that won't fall apart like its gooey icing counterpart.

Oreo has now released their own version of the classic edible abode: a Holiday Chocolate Cookie House.

Big Lots!

We're just over two months out from Christmas, but this one is definitely a winner so far.

The kit includes giant chocolate cookies for the house's foundation, icing, fruit-flavored gummies, candy jewels, and of course, regular and mini Oreos.

Big Lots!

Gingerbread houses all across the country are shaking.

We're not sure exactly when the kit is hitting store shelves nationally, but Instagrammer @TheJunkFoodAisle already spotted one at their local CVS.

Instagram | @thejunkfoodaisle

If you don't want to wait, you can purchase it from the Big Lots! online store for $10.

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