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This Tiny Smiling Felt Cactus Wearing A Witch's Hat Is So Cute We're Screaming

There are two kinds of Halloween people. There are those that love everything dark and frightening, and then there are those that love spoopy things — spooky cute Halloween goodies.

This year, I would say there has been a plethora of spoopy Halloween decor, and this little smiling felt cactus takes the cake.

This year, Halloween-themed succulents have been everywhere.

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People have been making fun succulent arrangements in pumpkins and in Halloween candy bowls, and stores like Target have been selling spooky succulents decor pieces to make your Halloween feel fresh.

While those Halloween-themed succulent arrangements are all fine and dandy, there is one that completely wins the unofficial Spoopy Halloween Awards.

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It's this little felt succulent friend from Etsy.

It's honestly just too cute!

Etsy | TheCactusGardenShop

This little one is $14, but the smile that this blushing witchy felt succulent puts on our faces is priceless.

I don't know about you, but my desk and windowsill needs one or a few of these.

Etsy | TheCactusGardenShop

I would be very happy to deck my entire house out in little Halloween felt succulents.