Zoë Kravitz Is Going To Be Our Catwoman In Robert Pattinson's 'Batman' Film

Zoë Kravitz is officially our new Catwoman after basically the entire internet praying altogether that it would actually happen!

See? Positive vibes do work, people! She will be joining Robert Pattinson in 'The Batman'.

We are getting yet another Batman movie.

And at the beginning, people thought: hey, we don't need another one, do we?

Wrong. We really do.


Because we get to see an iconic duo team-up: Kravitz and Pattinson playing Catwoman and Batman.

This news is even better once we found out that she wasn't even allowed to audition for 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Because she was too "urban".

What do you think about this casting?


I personally think she is going to be amazing!

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