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Jennifer Aniston Finally Joined Instagram And Her First Post Is A Complete 'Friends' Reunion

With how much amazing Friends throwback content we get from the cast, it can be easy to forget that Jennifer Aniston did not have Instagram. However, up until recently, she didn't, and up until recently we didn't have a full cast reunion photo either.

She fixed both of those problems with one fell swoop.

The show's 25th anniversary was just this past month, and most of the cast shared this old school shot.

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Matt LeBlanc shared it and tagged everyone in the cast who had Instagram, but had to resort to just hashtagging Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, who have somehow avoided the platform.

A new comment was left on the picture this week that caught everyone's attention.

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Sure, anyone can make an account called "jenniferaniston" and comment on a cast member's post, but it turns out that this is really her and she's already verified.

Sidenote: how do I get verified on Instagram?

Jennifer has already made her first post, and it is the long-awaited final cast reunion shot.

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She shared this photo of every single cast member when they reunited recently for dinner, with the caption, "And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM!"

The Instagram account @commentsbycelebs broke the news fast enough for even Jen to notice.

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Also right on the news was Reese Witherspoon, who commented on Jen's post saying "YASS!!! Welcome to Insta Jen!"

Now all we need is to get Matthew Perry on the 'gram, and we'll be set!