11+ Proofs That DIY Beauty Is A Dangerous Game

How fun — and wonderfully cheap — is DIY beauty? There's nothing quite like whipping up your own face mask or giving yourself a mini spa and mani sesh.

But what about when the face mask leaves your skin red and irritated? Or when your manicure doesn't dry in time and you mess up every single nail?

Here are some (unfortunate) people who really should have left things to the experts.

1. Okay, I'm going to say it: it should actually be illegal to cut your own bangs unless you're a certified hairdresser.

Instagram | @fullofmemezz

Let's celebrate someone who takes risks and makes bold decisions. And let's mourn that same someone that has to spend the next however-long-it-takes-her-hair-to-grow with tiny, tiny bangs.

2. You've heard of a French manicure, now allow me to present to you...a terrible manicure!

Twitter | @ramsaylwebbman

It may cost more, but at least when you go to a salon you'll never come out with scratched up nails like these. Unless they're, like, the worst salon in the universe.

3. Color me...unimpressed.

Instagram | @colorcrazy.tiff

I mean, all of the pieces of the puzzle are technically here. It's just that instead of carefully putting the puzzle together, you just threw all of the pieces in a pile on the floor and then ran away.

4. What...what was he trying to do?

Twitter | @michael_philson

Was this a terrible accident? Or did he genuinely think it would look kinda balanced if he went fully bald on one side and then had a full head of hair on the other?

5. I don't just want lipstick on my lips... I want it oil over me.

Instagram | @hello_leesh

I know everyone's obsessed with coconut oil, but surely this is enough proof that it can't do everything — ie. remove makeup.

6. Speaking of just kinda rubbing stuff on your face...

Instagram | @apbriley

At least she was still sitting in her car. This would have been a weird look to take into the office or into a Target.

7. Missed it by *stretches fingers as far apart as they'll go* that much.

YouTube | Juga

There's nothing worse than a hairdresser cutting more off than you wanted...except doing that exact thing to yourself.

8. "Nail" polish? Why stop at nails? I say let's put the polish on everything — cuticles, knuckles, the table — whatever you want!

Instagram | @chiaranissa

Wow, the bottom hand really got the bad end of the manicure deal.

9. Maybe the "obvious fake eyelash half dangling off your eyelid" look is in this season? 

Instagram | @marenaholzinger

Oh, no. I've just received word that it's definitely not, which means it's time for attempt 4,533.

10. Oh man, I loved that book, Lord of the Eyelashes.

Twitter | @marieloumakeup

But seriously, how gross is this? And so close to your eye? And it's dead? I'm going to go stand outside and collect myself for a minute.

11. To the tune of "Goodbye my Lover" by James Blunt: Goodbye, my eyebrow... Goodbye, my friend...

YouTube | Daily Mail

A PSA: she was using an eyebrow stainer from Wish. Let's all learn from her mistakes and never buy that product.

12. *Throws 9,538th eyeliner-stained cotton pad into the bin.*

Instagram | @glamfabvids

Is there a sadder thing in the world than a failed winged eyeliner attempt? Yes, definitely. But this is still a bummer.

13. Sensitive skin + a new face mask = a high stakes, high rewards kind of game.

Instagram | @kafallon13

Maybe I'm just being optimistic but, other than the incredibly red irritation, I think her skin looks pretty flawless.

14. So, we're just using anything as a pore strip now? Even glue?

YouTube | Theresa SayWhat

Soon you'll see a vlogger pour a bucket of cement on their face, wait 'til it dries, and then pull it off and call that a pore strip. Oh honey, no!

15. I like my body wash the same way I like my coffee... Giving me an unexpected and uncomfortable rash.

Twitter | @nataliesawyerr

But come on, who has time to carefully read the label anyway?

16. Oh, I thought this was a tutorial for a DIY fringe, but clearly it's a tutorial for a DIY cringe.

YouTube | Kumpulan Video Video Lucu

You guys. I cannot stress this enough.