10+ Behind The Scenes Secrets About 'My Strange Addiction'

Yes, these are the weird behind-the-scenes secrets about one of the weirdest shows on television.

As if this show couldn't get any weirder, here we are exploring all the ways that it can.

1. Trisha Paytas' fame addiction

YouTube | Basic Trash

Originally, she was famous for appearing on My Strange Addiction with an addiction to tanning.

Since being on the show, however, Trisha Paytas has developed a thirst for the limelight that cannot be quenched.

2. Taking advantage of kids


Often, My Strange Addiction takes advantage of adults with mental illnesses, but did you know they also did it with kids?

Yes, they have a spin-off show called My Kid’s Obsession and you can probably guess what it's about.

3. The nail lady was harassed


Even after she was let go from TLC, Yani Williams (the blonde) got some pretty nasty harassment online because of her long nails.

People called her... well, truth be told, "nasty".

4. April Brucker might be a fake!


Yes, the woman with the puppet addiction might have faked her supposed "addiction" to puppets!

She even might have lied about the fact that her fiance made her choose between the puppets and him!

April Brucker Might Be A Fake! (CONT)


A friend of hers told Gawker:

“She has scammed TLC into believing she has this addiction when in fact this is a typical and sad attempt on her part to get fame, fortune, and above all, attention.”

5. So The Urine Girl Wasn't Addicted Either!


Apparently (even though she was guzzling pee like it was going out of style) the "urine addict" Carrie wasn't actually addicted to urine.

She was using it to treat her cancer and still is to this day.

6. The Living Ken Doll Was Almost Without A Nose


So apparently that Living Ken Doll guy almost lost his nose due to his excessive amount of plastic surgery. Is a Michael Jackson joke in poor taste? What's that? This isn't 2005?

So yes then.

7. The Living Dolls Were... Well, Not That.


There were a couple of women portrayed in the "living dolls" episode that were actually just fans of the Lolita fashions typical of the Harajuku culture in Japan.

Of course, the show played up their fashion to make them look like freaks.

8. Is Casie (The Woman Who Eats Her Husband's Ashes) A Cannibal?


Well, truth be told, the jury is still out on this one.

Sure, she's definitely eating human remains... but it's less of a corpse and more of a pile of ashes... so... maybe?

9. The Justin Bieber Lookalike... Is Dead


Yes, we all have to mourn now because there is only one man on earth that looks like Justin Bieber.

As of 2015, Toby was found dead in a Motel 6 room. R.I.P. Justin Bieber lookalike.

10. The Breast Infection


Unfortunately, the Brazilian model Sheyla Hershey got a really bad breast infection after a car accident.

She recovered but had to have her breast implants taken out, which was devastating to her.

11. Adam Guerra Never "Recovered"


Despite having a "breakthrough" on the show, it seems that drag queen Adam Guerra has gone back to his old ways of trying to look like Madonna.

He even headlines Madonnarama in South Beach.

12. They Manipulate Footage To Make People Look Crazy


Remember, Divya Anantharaman, the "creepy" taxidermist that was on the show?

Well, truth be told, she's actually a pretty normal person (besides, you know, being a taxidermist and all).

They Manipulate Footage To Make People Look Crazy (CONT)


That's what they do often on reality TV shows, manipulate footage so that the person looks a lot odder than they actually are.

Divya is actually an award-winning taxidermist, and not addicted at all!