These Incredibly Realistic Pumpkins Will Put Your Carving Skills To Shame

As I mentioned before, I've never actually carved a pumpkin before. It seems like such a dirty job if you ask me. And you really need some mad carving skills.

So I think I'll leave the pumpkin carving to the professionals. And when I say professionals, I mean the artists from Villafane Studios Check out their pumpkin masterpieces and see for yourself.

1. The Drunk Pumpkin

Looks like someone had one too many this Halloween and now he's getting punished for it. This is both fascinating and a little disgusting.

2. Mad Scientist

Instagram | @villafanestudios

The look on the face of this pumpkin is truly priceless. LOL! I think this one would scare the living crap out of me.

3. This Curious Face

LOL. This scene just cracks me up. Not only is it Halloween appropriate but it's also super funny. Talk about some imagination here.

4. A Helpful Hand

Instagram | @villafanestudios

Whoa, this one looks almost too realistic for me. This is some next-level pumpkin carving here. I think this one would scare all the kids.

5. This Little Monster

Instagram | @villafanestudios

Doesn't this look like it belongs in a scary movie or something like that? The amount of detail on this face is blowing my mind.

6. This Scary Face

Instagram | @villafanestudios

I just watched Venom the other day and I gotta say this pumpkin reminds me a little of it. Just look at those teeth. Yikes.

7. This Nightmare Waiting To Happen

Instagram | @villafanestudios

Seriously, if I saw this pumpkin somewhere unexpectantly I think it might just give me some nasty nightmares. This is scary as heck.

8. This Angry Face

Instagram | @villafanestudios

I hope you don't run into this guy in any dark alley any time soon because he definitely doesn't look happy to see you. Yeah, really.

9. This Menacing Face

Instagram | @villafanestudios

Oh gosh, this one seems like he's looking straight at me. And that's not a face I would like to see looking at me.

10. This Funky One

Ha, ha, ha. I can't get over this funny face. Thankfully this one isn't all that scary but it is absolutely fabulous. What an expression.

11. This Zipper Face

I had to look pretty close to figure out what was going on here but now I'm simply blown away. This pumpkin is really explosive. Hee, hee.

12. This Whimsical Pumpkin

Instagram | @villafanestudios

Oh, I really love this one. This is totally up my alley. I wanna learn how to do something like this. This is so cute.

13. This Face

Instagram | @villafanestudios

OMG, what? This is an actual pumpkin? Wow, that's really something else. How did they get this face to look so realistic? This is so amazing.

Wow, talk about taking pumpkin carving to the next level.

The skill that went into making these amazing creations is one for the books here. I feel so intimidated now.