Wife Fails These Husbands Will Never Forget

You know guys usually get most of the blame when they screw up royally and the wives never let them forget it. But there are times when the ladies aren't all that much better either.

These wives failed at life so badly that the husbands were more than happy to capture it forever.

1. When You Blame The Kids

Want some homemade cornbread with that chili? Well, I guess you're not getting it 'cause the wife burned it while watching the kids. Oops.

2. Worst Breakfast Ever

Speaking of burning things, this wife had only one job this morning and it clearly wasn't burning the toast but she did it anyway. LOL!

3. Burnin' Down The House

This genius of a wife was so generous with putting candles on this birthday cake that she almost burned the whole house down. OMG!

4. This Egg Situation


Apparently, this wife was in such a hurry to pack her husband's lunch in the morning that she didn't wait for the egg to finish cooking.

5. Where's The Peanut Butter, Honey?

Seems like there's one component missing in this PB&J sandwich and it's a pretty important one. Wouldn't you say? That's one sad sandwich.

6. Going Vegetarian


And then there's this wife who accidentally made her husband think he's going vegetarian. Hee, hee. The man clearly loves his meat on his sandwich. Dang it.

7. When You Miss His Cry For Help

I feel really bad for this husband who was trapped on the roof and hoping his wife would come to his rescue.

8. When You Over-Promise Things

Uh oh, this husband is going to get a surprise when he gets home. It's just not the one he was hoping for, unfortunately.

9. When She's Absent Minded

Asked his wife to put on some sunscreen on his back so he wouldn't burn and she clearly was too distracted to do it properly.

10. When The Pizza Gets It

Speaking of absent-minded wives, imagine asking your wife to warm up some pizza only to find this in the oven? Dinner ruined, thank you.

11. When Appliances Fail You

Just blame it on the dryer. Obviously, the dryer must hate this sweater otherwise how could this possibly happen. Right? Don't admit any wrongdoing. Ha, ha.

12. When You Make A Big Mistake

I hope this husband got a call from his wife before he had his lunch otherwise he was eating dog food. Epic fail.

13. When You Take It Out On The Beer

So this wife clearly had some issues picking up beer at the store. Wonder if she went back to get more?

14. Are You Seeing This?

Unfortunately for this wife, this sculpture made out of rice looks a little too suggestive, if you can see what I mean.

So let's call a truce. Both wives and husbands clearly make mistakes.

It happens to the best of us sometimes at the worst time. Nobody is perfect after all.

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