10+ Documentaries On Serial Killers That Will Keep You Up At Night

Netflix has a tendency to make documentaries about serial killers, don't they?

Well, here is a list of all the serial killer documentaries that will send a chill down your spine (and they're not just on Netflix either).

'The Jeffrey Dahmer Files'


There are both real-life interviews with a detective (who was Dahmer's neighbor) and reenactments of his arrest back in 1991.

It's a chilling account of a chilling man who did, you guessed it, chilling things.

'BTK: A Killer Among Us'


The BTK Killer, or Dennis Rader as his friends knew him, was able to hide the fact he was a killer for 31 years.

In this documentary, they talk to law enforcement, the victim's families and the killer's daughter.

'This Is the Zodiac Speaking'


It's hard to find a case scarier than that of the Zodiac killer's, and the original investigators will tell you all about it in this documentary.

It was actually originally featured on the DVD for the movie Zodiac.

'The Pig Farm'


This documentary is as scary as the title suggests, following the real-life crimes of Robert Pickton.

It dives into why it took so long to capture Canada's most prolific serial killer.

'Serial Killers: Jack the Ripper (The Whitechapel Murderer)'


This 2008 documentary follows one of the most famous serial killers ever: Jack The Ripper.

It features a bunch of experts who pick apart the details of this world-famous case.

'Born to Kill? Richard Trenton Chase: The Vampire of Sacramento'


This guy was one messed up dude. He killed a pregnant woman and had sex with her corpse.

When police searched his apartment, they found all of his utensils covered in blood.

'Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer'


If Monster wasn't enough for you, watch this horrifying yet sad tale of Aileen Wuornos.

Since her death via lethal injection in 2002, people have been out to tell her story.

'Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance'


This guy was pretty messed up. He was a serial killer in the 20s who confessed and wrote his autobiography in prison.

Apparently, he sodomized over 1000 boys in his lifetime.

'Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation'


This is a tale that could only come from a far-off time. It's the story of Albert Fish, a man from Depression Era New York City who would lure away children.

He was also a cannibal and sadomasochist.



This 1973 documentary is as close as we'll get to the actual family because a bunch of the members are interviewed.

It's chilling and the old-timey footage makes it all the more spooky.



This movie is about an urban legend from Staten Island. It's about Cropsey, a boogeyman-like serial killer.

This documentary discovers the origins of Cropsey and attempts to look for the children he supposedly murdered.

'Ted Bundy: The Mind of a Killer'


This trustworthy guy murdered more than 28 women.

This documentary will make sure you never trust another person as long as you live. Well, at least not another stranger with a van.

'Monster in My Family: Happy Face Killer'


This documentary follows the daughter of Keith Hunter Jesperson (aka the Happy Face Killer), Melissa Moore.

It shows us what it was like for her to discover that her father was a killer.

'Serial Killers: John Wayne Gacy'


This 1999 A&E documentary is about John Wayne Gacy, the man who dressed up as a clown and murdered a bunch of people.

He's also probably the reason we're so scared of them these days.