10+ 'Shameless' Mistakes Fans Didn't Catch

Yes, these are all the mistakes in Shameless you may not have picked up on.

You may call us nitpickers for going through every one of these, but I'd like to remind you that is our intention here — sometimes it's fun to scrutinize something we love. Not only do you find the mistakes, but you also get to re-watch your favorite shows!

1. Debbie's birthday


There are two different occasions where Debbie tells people about her birthday. Once, she says it's in October and the next time, she says it's in December.

Well, which is it, Debbie?

2. Which airport do I leave from?


Alright, so Steve gives Fiona a ticket to Miami and tells her the plane leaves from O'Hare.

Except when he goes to the airport, he's at Midway. So...where was she supposed to go?

3. Which way are his arms?

During Season 4, Episode 3: "Like Father, Like Daughter," Liam sees a dog and exclaims "Doggy!" throwing his arms up in the air.

However, in the next shot, his arms are down at his sides.

4. Fiona's makeup changes.


In Season 2, Episode 8: "Parenthood," Fiona returns from the club where she works as a waitress to have a conversation with Lip.

Her makeup changes from partially wiped off to perfect between cuts.

5. Liam's wall

During Season 9, Episode 9, Liam is building a wall around Kev's kid.

It keeps changing during cuts, with one significant cut being the mud between the joints.

6. Antonio's crayon


When Antonio is showing Ian the prison layout in Season 9, Episode 6: "Face It, You're Gorgeous," he starts out with a purple crayon.

However, his markings on the layout are in red.

7. No clean dishes

During Season 9, Episode 5: "Black-haired ginger," Lip goes for a run because he can't find any clean dishes.

The sink is full of dirty ones, so it's weird when Fiona and he are the first ones home and the sink is empty.

8. Debbie has a pillow


Debbie is bawling her eyes out because of Matty in Season 4, Episode 4: "Strangers On A Train."

Fiona goes to see her, and Debbie gets up to open the door for her.

Here's the rub: when Debbie gets up to open the door, she has nothing in her hands.


However, when the door opens, she's got a pillow there.

Where did the pillow come from?

9. Fiona's pack of cigarettes


During the Episode 4, Season 8: "Frick Paying It Forward," Fiona has a pack of cigarettes when she initially starts to talk with Lip and Ian.

However, in later shots, the pack is gone.

10. Baby poop


During Season 6, Episode 12: "Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!" when the doctor is talking about the baby, the subject of discussion has poop all over its bum.

In the next shot, all the poop is gone.

11. Frank's bruise

Once again, we return to Season 6, Episode 12: "Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!" where Frank's bruise gets bigger and smaller in different shots.

When he's talking to the forklift guy is when it's at its smallest.

12. Carl's eggs


In Season 6, Episode 1: "I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing," the number of eggs on Carl's plate keeps changing.

One moment there are a bunch but when he leaves there are a lot less, and so on.

13. The thing in Mickey's hand

Get your head out of the gutter.

In Season 4, Episode 1: "Simple Pleasures," Mickey has something in his hand that disappears and reappears in the span of three shots.

14. Why doesn't Liam seem to age?


He's definitely in a state of arrested development, to put it lightly. It makes sense for the first four seasons of the show since the timeline is fairly concurrent.

But when time begins to jump forward, for some reason Liam still remains the same age.

15. Professor Youens' BAC is seriously off the chart.


If you recall the episode, Youens was arrested for blowing a "1.8 BAC."

The legal limit in most states is .08. Not even Frank Gallagher himself could blow a 1.8 on a breathalyzer and live to tell the tale.

16. Oh where oh where has Fiona's little dog gone?


Fiona was the caretaker for the dog for the majority of the eighth season.

But right around the time when things begin wrapping up, and even well into season nine, the dog is nowhere to be seen.

17. The timeline on Svetlana and Carol's pregnancy doesn't make sense.


It's just simple math.

If you actually take into consideration how long each of the two women was pregnant for, the timeline comes out to be about 10-12 months.

18. How did V manage to get pregnant?


It's a fair question, considering how in the first and second season we learned not only that V didn't want kids, but that she also couldn't have them either.

According to her, an STD left her barren.

19. Canadians aren't that polite.


I mean, they're a forgiving bunch, certainly, but even our friendly neighbors to the north draw the line at human trafficking!

When Frank was attempting to smuggle people into Canada, he would have been arrested on sight.

20. What made Ian start taking his medication all of a sudden?


Mickey tried for months in vain to get Ian to take his meds. It's ultimately what led to the demise of their relationship.

So how is it that Fiona and Ian have one tiny argument and all of a sudden Ian is able to see the light? Highly improbable.

21. How is it that the police don't know what Ian looks like?


Yes, everyone loves a good "I am Spartacus" moment. But this is the 21st century! Ian's face would have been plastered all over the internet. His face was even on t-shirts, for crying out loud!

This was just laughable.