People Are Making Special 'Trick-Or-Treat' Bags So Non-Verbal Kids Can Have A Happy Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time for the kiddos. Going trick-or-treating is something kids look forward to every year. But what if your child was deaf or another condition that made them non-verbal? That could make treat-or-treating challenging.

It's wonderful to see that there are now bags out there that say "trick-or-treat" right on them so the kids don't have to.

Having a child who is non-verbal can be a tricky situation on Halloween.


Not everyone will understand right away why your child isn't responding.

These special trick-or-treat bags are helping Halloween become more inclusive.

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The bags feature colorful designs and explain to other people why a non-verbal child is not saying "trick or treat".

Nowadays, there are a variety of places you can find these bags.

Etsy | Mint + Magnolia

You can search on Etsy and get a custom-designed one that has your child's name on it.

There are a variety of different designs of these bags.


You can pick your color, design, customize it for your child and so on. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Kudos to people who came up with something that wasn't available before, but due to its popularity is now so easy to find.

I bet parents appreciate it so much.

In addition to Etsy, you can also find non-verbal Halloween trick-or-treat bag designs at places like Circuit Design Place where you can print the design and make the bags yourself.


You can have a DIY project day with your child!

Being a parent is challenging enough, but when you have a child with special needs it can be even harder.


So having things like this really makes a difference. You can also customize these bags to reflect other conditions like allergies, in case your child is refusing food treats.

These bags help ensure that everyone is included at Halloween.


Just because your child is a little different doesn't mean you can't teach them independence and let them go trick-or-treating just like any other kid enjoying the spirit of Halloween.

Whoever came up with these bags is a genius.

I think it's awesome parents now have more tools to help their kids who face challenges.

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