10+ Mistakes In 'Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets' That Fans Didn't Notice

Alright people, these are the mistakes that have happened throughout the second Harry Potter movie.

Each movie has a ton, so don't worry, it's not just this movie that won't get away with it.

In the world of magic, nothing is perfect, not even making movies.

1. Harry's Eyes


This truly must be a world of magic and mystery, because throughout the whole movie Harry's eyes change from green to blue.

Maybe that has something to do with Voldemort?

2. You Can Clearly See A Cameraman In The Dueling Scene


It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but all the way to the left at the moment where Snape picks up Malfoy (post duel) you can see a cameraman.

3. The Open/Closed Howler


It's obviously a magical envelope, so I won't give it too much flak. However, when Errol drops off the Howler, the seal is open.

Howl-ever (thank you, thank you), when Ron goes to open it, the seal is closed.

4. "I Didn't Get Rid Of The Bandon Banshee By Smiling At Him"


There is an interesting line that makes Professor Lockhart even stupider than he is, and also outs him as a fake early on in the movie.

Banshees can only be women, so the above line is false. You could argue this was an intentional mistake, though.

5. Snapes Uses Expelliarmus


During the dueling scene, Snape uses Expelliarmus on Professor Lockhart and he flies backward... his wand still in hand.

The whole point of the expelliarmus spell is to disarm your opponent.

6. The Bewitched Knitting Needles


When Harry enters the Weasley's house for the first time, he sees a pair of bewitched knitting needles putting together what looks to be a blanket?

Anyways, the knitting needles are clacking together but not actually making any stitches.

7. Harry Doesn't Know Much About Snakes


When Hermione and Ron tell Harry he's a Parselmouth, he says to them: "I know. I mean I accidentally set a python on my cousin Dudley once."

But it wasn't a python, it was a boa constrictor.

8. Fake Hedwig


In a way, I'm actually pretty happy about this mistake.

When Harry gets denied access to platform 9 and 3/4, he smashes into the wall with his trolley. So does Hedwig, or should I say the Hedwig doll.

It was very noticeable that it was a doll (but we're happy about that).

9. When Professor McGonagall Threatens To Expel Them


Or at least when she tells the trio that she's "not going to expel them".

It wouldn't be up to her, as Dumbledore is the headmaster and would have the final say.

But this may have been done just to scare the children.

10. Blood On The Sword


After Harry stabs the Basilisk, he yanks out the sword and it hardly has any blood on it.

However, when he brings it into Dumbledore's office, it's at least 50% covered in blood.

11. The CGI Dobby


At the beginning of the movie, when Dobby is running around Harry's room making a fuss, Harry's eyes aren't fast enough to keep up with the CGI model.

Apparently, neither was the puppeteer who gave him something to look at in the first place.

12. The Dursleys' Good Hearts


There is a scene where Vernon says the line: "purely out of the goodness of our hearts" then clutches the wrong side of his chest.

However, maybe this was done to show he was an idiot.

13. Ink Pot Open, Ink Pot Closed


When Harry is communicating with Tom Riddle's diary, in one shot we see that the inkpot beside him is open.

Then, when we cut to his POV, it's closed.

14. Black Pole Out Of Nowhere


During this scene, when Harry is looking at the shrunken heads in the Diagon Alley shop, in the next shot (when it cuts out to a wide) there's a random black pole that was never beside him.

15. Lucius' Real Hair


There's a scene where Lucius Malfoy is all peeved in Dumbledore's office and his hair is fanned back on his shoulders.

At this moment, you can see his real hair underneath his blonde wig.

16. The Car's Hole


When Harry and Ron are trying to escape from Aragog, there's one shot when the hole in the back window that was made by the Whomping Willow has vanished.

17. Hermione is fast!


In the scene where Hermione is running around trying to destroy/take down the bludger, she manages to get around an entire Quidditch field in seven seconds flat.

Maybe she should be on the team!

18. The Period


When Harry is writing in Tom Riddle's diary, he writes the words: "My name is Harry Potter."

There was no period in that sentence. He never writes the point.

However, when we cut to the book, we see that there is a period at the end of the sentence.


Maybe it's some form of magical autocorrect?

Or maybe just a mistake the movie crew couldn't catch.

19. Snape's Left Arm


During the dueling scene between Snape and Lockhart, Snape puts his left arm behind his back and uses the Expelliarmus spell.

However, when we cut to the overhead shot, his left arm is outstretched beside him.

20. The Hand Of Glory Moves


At the moment where Harry is grabbed by the Hand of Glory, we see that it initially grabs him by the knuckles.

In the next shot, the hand is by his wrist.

21. Ron Turning His Head


At breakfast, when Mr. Weasley asks: "What is the function of a rubber duck?" Ron turns his head to wait for Harry's response.

In the next shot, however, he's looking at the table.

22. Different Trunks


When Ron puts his trunk near the other students at the beginning of the movie, the trunk has five strips of trim.

However, when it's thrown out of the car later, it has four strips of trim.

Not the same trunk.

23. More Ink Problems


In the scene where Harry is looking at the diary, when he first dips his quill into the ink bottle it's pretty far away from him.

However, in the next shot, it's much closer.

24. The Polyjuice Potion Is In Harry's Hand?


There's a scene in the movie where Harry is drinking Polyjuice Potion.

We see that it's in his left hand, and then in the next scene, his hand is empty.

25. Closing The Car Door


After the car shoots Hedwig, Harry, Ron, and their stuff out of it, you can see that the door isn't closing on its own.

In fact, a metal rod controlled by a crew member is shutting it.

26. Crew Member's Chair


Man, there are a lot of problems with this dueling scene! Maybe they had to rush it or something...

Anyways, when Harry summons the snake and starts to talk to it...

Snape steps up to say: "Don't move, Potter, I'll get rid of it for you."


In the background, you can see a crew member's chair just sitting there.

Or maybe it's a magical Hogwarts chair.

27. Vernon's Grip


This is another instance where a hand's grip changes between shots.

When Vernon grabs Harry by the ankle as he tries to make his escape, his hand changes position on Harry a few times!

28. Loose Paper


So we know the scene where Hermione gets petrified, only to have the fellers discover a paper in her hand that unfolds the mystery a little further?

Well, experts might have something to say about that...

Fans have complained that there's no way the paper would be that loose in her petrified hand.


Also, why did it take the boys to notice it, why didn't the nurse?

29. Dust In The Hair


When Harry gets out of the fireplace, his hair is covered in dust.

In a later shot, his hair seems to be completely clean. Did he suddenly use a spell to wash his hair? Probably not.