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'Aquaman' Star Joining Keanu Reeves In 'The Matrix 4'

Ooh who could it be, who could it be? Will it be Jason Mamoa, will he add some butt-kicking to the fourth Matrix? Will it be Amber Heard who could also add some kick-buttery to the movie?

Only one way to find out!

So it's official: 'Matrix 4' is a thing.

Warner Bros.

Keanue Reeves has signed on, and one can only assume it will be titled Matrix: A Word That Begins With "R".

All we need to do now is wait until more info starts pouring in.

Oh look! More info!


There's a new person who signed on for the movie! Can you guess who it is?

You've gotten one hint from the title, it's someone from Aquaman... he's a very important character...

Give up?


Well, it's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the guy who played Black Manta.

He's also been in movies like The Greatest Showman, Baywatch and The Get Down. So we know two things about him...

He's good with big budget blockbuster type movies.


And he knows how to work with special effects!

Oh yeah, this guy is going to fit right in with the Matrix universe, I can just feel it.