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Survey Finds That Parents Actually Do Have A Favorite Kid

At some point in every kid's life they ask their parents this dreaded question: "Which of us is your favorite?"

Moms and dads usually laugh at this question and assure their children that they love them all equally. However, a recent survey found that might not always be the case.

If you were living under the assumption that your parents love you and your siblings equally, I'm here to burst your bubble.

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While your parents may have brushed you off when you asked them who their favorite child was, deep-down they may have been hiding the truth.

According to a survey conducted by the parenting website Mumsnet, it seems that parents do really have a favorite child.

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The website polled 1,185 of its users for the survey. A quarter of parents said that they did have a favorite child.

So which kid is it?

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Of those who said they had a favorite child, over half of them said it was their youngest child. However, 26% of those polled said that their eldest child was their favorite. Sorry to all the middle kids out there.

Parents surveyed said that their favorite child reminded them of themselves.

Others said that their favorite child made them laugh more.

Sorry to serve up some cold-hard truth for everyone out there, but at least the youngest siblings can rejoice at this news, right?

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