11+ People Who Ruined Halloween With Their Terrible Pumpkins

I have a little confession to make: I've never carved a pumpkin for Halloween. I feel a bit intimidated by it and that's why I haven't tried it yet. It seems so complicated to me.

As it turns out it's been a challenge for other people as well. Just check out these terrible attempts at pumpkin carving and you'll understand why I'm so hesitant to try it out myself, LOL!

1. This Sad Face

The only thing that comes to mind when I look at this pumpkin is wtf happened here? OMG, I feel so bad for this thing.

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2. Hello Kitty Fail

Oh, this person wanted to surprise their kids with a cute Hello Kitty pumpkin masterpiece. But instead, they created this massive pumpkin fail. Oh dear.

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3. Sad Jack O'Lanterns

Imagine you took the time to carve out something pretty similar to the first pic and then the heatwave had other plans. Ohhh. So sad.

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4. This Rotten Carcass

So you thought it would be a great idea to carve pumpkins ahead of time... like a few weeks ahead of time. And then they got rotten. Not smart planning on this one.

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5. The Not-So-Happy Emoji

How fun! They tried to recreate the information desk woman emoji but something clearly didn't go right here. She would actually be scaring people away.

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6. When The Pumpkin Is Laughing At You

At least this pumpkin isn't crying right? He's laughing his ass off at your poor carving attempt here. Nice try, though.

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7. Peppa Pig Fail

I don't blame this person for trying to attempt to make a Peppa Pig face out of this pumpkin. Kids are totally obsessed with her.

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8. When The Dog Doesn't Approve

Believe it or not, this pumpkin was supposed to be an exact replica of this pug cutie pie but something went horribly awry.

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9. When You Stop Trying

Okay, this is clearly what happens when you announce defeat and just stop trying altogether. That sounds like something that I would do. Hee, hee.

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10. When Kids Don't Cooperate

So you thought it would be so cute to put your baby inside a pumpkin for that perfect festive shot? Huh? Not so fast.

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11. Stop Torturing The Kids

What is it with parents, grandparents, and people in general stuffing babies into pumpkins? How is that ever okay? They don't like it. Period!

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12. When You Ain't Martha Stewart

Martha surely makes it look so easy. Doesn't she? What she's forgetting is that most of us are just regular human beings. Enough said.

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13. When You Admit Defeat

Whoa, it looks to me like this person just about has had enough of this pumpkin carving fun. ROTFL!

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See what I mean?

Giphy | Team Coco

This is exactly why I haven't attempted pumpkin carving. It's more difficult than it seems. Are there any tutorials for this sort of thing? Ha, ha.

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