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This Adorable Dog With A Human-Like Smile Is Taking Over The Internet

I have made it my mission to share all of the best doggos with Diply readers. This is a very difficult mission, you see, because they are all good dogs.

But every goal is met by taking one step at a time, so here I am taking another step forward by sharing Nori with you.

Nori is a mix of Australian shepherd and poodle, and it's got a face that has the whole internet talking about him.

Between his eyes being more almond-shaped than many dogs and his peachy skin and lips, he's become known as the dog with the human-like smile.

He kind of looks like a benevolent grandpa.

His human, Tiffany Ngo says they were often stopped on the street when he was a puppy.

She told The Dodo:

"I think Nori’s coloring is what makes him look human, especially his eyes. People like to say that his eyes make him seem very wise or soulful. He has a very expressive face — he even makes a disgusted face when I’m painting my nails and he smells the nail polish."

As he's grown, Nori's longer snout has changed his smile a bit, but those thoughtful eyes are still front and center.

He still looks more like my grandpa than I'd care to admit.

People have asked if Ngo does any special grooming to Nori to enhance the effect.

But she says there's no enhancement, just Nori's natural coloring and curls.

Someone once likened him to Garth from Wayne's World, and now I can't unsee it.

Nori and his brother Boba, a shih tzu yorkie mix, have their own Instagram account.

If you follow them there, you can see all of their adorable shenanigans and let them brighten up your day.

"It’s nice knowing that their little selves may be making a positive difference in someone else’s life, no matter how small," Ngo said.

h/t: The Dodo