Dan Levy Had To Drink Alcohol To Get Through A Scene On 'Schitt's Creek'

Well, it seems that Dan Levy had a lot of drinking to do on the set of Schitt's Creek.

Sorry, he didn't have to do it, he's just that good of a method actor.

'Schitt's Creek' is a national treasure.


And so are its co-creators, father and son combo Eugene and Dan Levy.

Eugene is obviously more of a national treasure than his son (American Pie, duh) but Dan is pretty cool too.

He's proven that to us with 'Schitt's Creek'.


Which is an awesome show featuring a whole bunch of awesome moments.

There's the one where he's leaving a bunch of voicemails stoned to prove that he's got things "under control".

Who hasn't been there?

Then there was the keg party scene.


Where David is doing a bunch of keg stands. Pretty hardcore, bro. You wanna know what's even more hardcore, bro?

The fact that Dan Levy actually did a keg stand in the last take.

Woah, bro.


I know, bro.

Here's the story as he tells it:

“When we went to the tailgate party, the last take, I’m doing these keg stands and the last take I was like, ‘Just put the beer in,’ and I did a full keg stand with real beer,”

That's killer, dude.