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Jennifer Aniston Revealed That She 'Hates' Being Set Up On Dates

If you're Jennifer Aniston, one would think dating would be like the best, easiest thing in the world cause hi, you're Jennifer Aniston.

However the 50-year-old icon recently revealed her one major downside to dating.

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While chatting with Howard Stern on his SirusXM radio show, Aniston revealed she's single AF, by choice.

"I’m very busy,” she told the radio host.

"For now. I’m promoting [‘The Morning Show’]. I’m prepping for next season.”

When Howard Stern asked if she'd like to be set up on a date, she made it very clear that's an ABSOLUTELY not.

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“Hey, listen, I just don’t like being set up,” she told Howard.

She continued, "I don’t like it. I hate it."

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Yeah, i'd hate it too if I were JENNIFER ANISTON.

I mean *seriously* though, who's good enough to be set up on a blind date with PRINCESS Aniston?

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Literally nobody!

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