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Constellation Piercings Are The Earring Trend That Are Worth The Pain

Body jewelry is all the rage these days. People opt for all kinds of piercings and there's always a new idea that takes over the universe. So it's no surprise that there's a new trend in town and it's called constellation piercings.

They're delicate clusters of earrings that are meant to dot your lobe the same way stars and planets dot the night's sky. And they're so pretty.

I think this idea is great for those who simply cannot decide on one single earring.

This way they can have a variety of earrings of all shapes and sizes.

I have to admit I'm totally digging this idea.

I love how subtle and soft this earring combination looks. It's so pretty and feminine but also very unique.

Basically, the set of earrings becomes like a statement piece just as if you were wearing a beautiful necklace or something similar.

What an interesting and cool idea.

You can even opt for gemstones such as this awesome piece.

That way it becomes the focal point and the rest of the earrings are the finishing touches.

You can concentrate the clusters on the top of your ear or the bottom.

The choice is really yours. Or you can opt for both as in this case.

For those looking for something even more elaborate, this chain design is another awesome idea.

It's definitely more of a stand-out piece but I'm sure you can pull it off.

Wow, this is such a cool and interesting earrings combination.

I've never thought of going for earrings on the inner lobe but I admit it does look pretty awesome.

Speaking of inner lobe earrings, this moon-shaped one is just amazing.

Again, another idea I've never would have thought of. I'm really impressed with this design. Are you?

And here's a similar idea with a super cute heart earring.

I guess this is becoming a thing. Isn't it? I better jump on this bandwagon, lol. Yes, indeed.

This is such a pretty earring display.

It's super simple but looks quite lovely. All you need is a few different shapes and you're good to go. Gorgeous and sparkly.

This upper conch earring is definitely the standout piece in this earring combination.

I love all the pretty colors the bottom earrings are creating. Overall this all works well together.

Here's another stunning inner lobe piercing that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Even though there's so much going on here with all the different designs and shapes it still looks awesome.

I dunno if I saved the best for last but I'm definitely loving this cute earring placement here.

All these earrings are really pretty and classy at the same time.

This constellation piercing idea is such a fun way to express yourself.

There are so many different ways you can customize this to your liking. So go for it!

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