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People Are Applauding This Family's Viral Photo That Shows Co-Parenting Done Right

The terms "co-parenting" and "blended family" are becoming more common these days but there are still a lot of people who don't know what they mean.

One mom has shed some light on this important topic by sharing a photo of how her family co-parents and the internet can't stop praising her.

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days.

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The idea of a nuclear family with two parents and two kids is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

The truth is that sometimes, the relationship between a mother and father doesn't always work out.

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However, many parents are realizing that just because their romantic relationship with their partner is over, that doesn't mean that their parenting relationship is over.

That's why many parents are choosing to co-parent with their former partners, even after they've moved on from their romantic relationship.

In a viral Facebook post, one mom shared her story of co-parenting with her previous partner and current fiancé.

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Madison Holley is a mom from Corunna, Ontario. She has a three-year-old son, Cade, with her previous partner, Tyler Mcilveen.

Recently, Madison welcomed a baby boy with her current fiancé, Cody Pietz.

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Madison and Cody's two-month-old son is named Waylon. Shortly after giving birth, Madison shared a photo of Tyler, Cade, Cody, and Waylon leaving the hospital together.

The photo made a powerful statement about co-parenting and blended families.

Facebook | Madison Holley

Tyler and Cody each took one of Cade's hands, while Cody held on to Waylon in his car seat as well.

"Just because a relationship doesn’t work out between two people DOES NOT mean the relationship with the child shouldn’t. I would never take that away," Madison wrote in her Facebook post.

Madison went on to explain that it's up to the parents to work things out for the sake of their child.

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"Every child needs a mother and father figure and my son Cade just happens to get some extra love. Be civil and co-parent. If you made the child together it’s both your job to raise the child," she said.

Madison's photo went viral after is what shared to Love What Matters' Facebook page.

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It prompted Facebook users to share their own photos of their blended families.

"The guy on the left is my fiancé’ and the guy on the right is my child’s father. We all get along soooo good!" said Facebook user Jessica Duit.

Madison's post has been shared over 46,000 times and created awareness about the importance of co-parenting.

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"I love this! This is our whole crazy fam. My ex is on the left, his wife is next to him, I’m in the middle and we’re surrounded by our kids and his wife’s family. This was taken while we were all on vacation together, in Park City, UT. We know we’re not the norm but I wouldn’t trade what we have for anything in the world!" said Facebook user Jean Buddenbohn Rossell.

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