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Man Makes Thoughtful Homemade Gift For Girlfriend Dealing with Anxiety

Even when they're diagnosed and identified, those living with mental health issues can often find that they're still difficult to treat.

Part of the problem is that since even the pain that comes with physical ailments can sometimes be hard to explain, the complex effects of an illness that can't exactly be seen are especially challenging to put into words.

Another issue is that since everybody's internal chemistry is a little different, treatments that may work wonders for one person might make another's symptoms worse.

So when these conditions make life frustrating and confusing, it's important to have a support system to help weather the storms they can bring. And one woman in Canada recently received a beautiful gift that confirms she isn't facing these challenges alone.

For Denisha Bracey of Halifax, Nova Scotia, this past summer was not a particularly kind one.

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As she wrote on Facebook back in July, she had been experiencing heavy anxiety over a two-week period that culminated in multiple panic attacks.

This period also happened to include July 24, which is a very important day for Bracey.

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That's because it was the two-year anniversary of her relationship with her boyfriend, Riley Rankin.

As the Huffington Post reported, he had been supportive during this trying time.

But even with that in mind, the gift Rankin gave Bracey that day still came as a special surprise.

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As Bracey told the Huffington Post, her first glance at the gift left her "very confused" as it seemed Rankin had concocted some medication on his own.

What she soon discovered, however, was that she wasn't supposed to take Rankin's "love pills" orally.

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Instead, each capsule contained a small note that said, in Bracey's words, "something loving or sweet, something that will make me happy, or a good quality about me."

Bracey said the gift made her cry and hopes sharing it inspires others to make something nice for the people they love.

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And just in case you're curious, some of the notes included messages like, "Be proud of yourself, you are amazing and think of all the things you’ve accomplished!" and "Your positivity is so refreshing and inspiring."

h/t: Huffington Post