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This Adorable Instagram Account Is Just Full Of Snoots To Boop

If you're allergic to "doggo lingo" then turn away now, because while I usually try to limit myself to the odd "pupper" or "snoot", this is a topic that requires a whole heckin lot more, frens.

I'm not doin' you a bamboozle. If you're going to start talkin' some heck about pupperinos and the hooman frens, then turn right back around before you cause a pupset.

Are all the party poopers gone now?

Okay! Henlo frens! Important pupdate!

It turns out that there's a whole heckin' Instagram page dedicated to booping snoots!

I'm not sure if it's the happiest place on the internet, but it def makes me vv happ.

Every single pic in the grid is as cute and tasty as a chimkin nugger and just try not to boop every one of them.

Okay fine, technically, the account is called Boop My Nose but we all know that booping a snoot is 1000x better than any old sniffer.

There are even some v impressive teefs.

Doin' a smile!

Whatever your pupper preference, you can find them here: floofers and woofers, shibes, corgos, or longbois.

Yes, there are even a few cattos.

That's okay. Cattos are frens too — usually.

Boop My Nose is def bein' added to my morning Insta routine. It'll be a total yappy hour.