Dad Shares Photo Of His Baby On 'Disgusting' Men's Bathroom Floor Due To The Lack Of Change Tables

Traveling and going places with babies can be a lot of work for parents, especially when it comes time to change a diaper. More often, public places are housing changing tables in their bathrooms for parents to use.

However, more often than not, changing tables are in the women's room.

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It's hard to find a place that has a changing table located in both the men and women's bathroom.

In fact, it's almost as if they expect moms to be the only ones changing diapers.

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Not only does it leave dads out of the picture, but it also leaves out same-sex couples who can only use the men's bathroom.

Recently, one dad posted a Facebook photo explaining how terrible it is for dads who are on the go with their children.

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The harsh reality is that dads, too, need a place to help their kids.

Chris Boneyard Mau posted a Facebook post that really touched upon the troubles dads face.

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He started off by saying:

"I'm getting pretty sick of having to change my daughter on a disgusting floor because the only changing table in the place is located in the women's bathroom."

He touched on a good point about gender equality today, too.

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"It's crazy to imagine I know but there are guys who take care of their kids too you ass***. If it's a public place with public restrooms in the generation of equality among genders and races then how about making sure us fathers can change our children's diapers on a god**** changing table like the mother's can. Am I asking too much?"

On the website "Love What Matters," Chris shared that he's a very hands-on father.

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"My name is Chris Mau and I’m a 33-year-old father of 4 to a son and three girls. Kali is the youngest of my 4 children at 8 months old. She’s a bundle of smiles and laughs and between her mother and myself she’s turned into a daddy’s girl, always greeting me with the biggest grin and giggles the minute I come home."

The photo he shared was on a "particularly hot day."

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Chris was out with his family when it became clear that Kali needed a change. They went into a nearby restaurant which also had a play place for kids.

"Figuring they must have accommodations for parents to change a diaper, and our older daughters begging to play in the indoor tunnels, we marched in. They split to the play area and I took the stroller to the men’s room with a clearly uncomfortable and upset Kali," he said.

Seeing that the woman's room was the only one with a changing table, he had to make a choice.

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Chris knew he had to wait for a women's room to open and use a changing table or make do with the disgusting men's bathroom.

And, he wasn't happy.

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"The condition of the bathroom was less than sanitary, but the crying of my children eats at the very fiber of my being and I had to help her," he said. He laid a towel down to try and make it a little more comfortable and clean for his daughter.

Clearly, Chris isn't the only dad that feels this way.

Over 140,000 shares later, parents everywhere are seeing why Chris' post is important.

It's time we realize that men and women are equally responsible for raising kids.

It's time to put more changing tables in BOTH restrooms, for both parents to use.

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