10+ Rachel Green Scenes Proving She's The Best Of 'Friends'

Oh yes, folks, it seems that one of the greatest Friends characters was also a total and complete savage!

Watch out everyone, she's on the prowl and ready to pounce!

The Time She Burned Ross' Performance


Now in my experience, there are a couple of things she could be talking about here. It could be the fact that he was too quick or the fact that he couldn't even start.

Either way, very embarrassing.

When She Encouraged Bonnie To Shave Her Head


Aw weird! She looks like an alien!

But seriously though, playing mind games to get this woman to shave her head, just so you can break up her relationship is pretty savage.

When She Lost At Poker And Made Fun Of The Guys


Sorry, Rach, I feel like this has less to do with the fact that they are men and more to do with the fact that you stink at poker.

Still savage, though.

Her Whole Relationship With Tag Was Pretty Savage


Not only did she never learn his last name, but she also went to his work and told his coworkers that he was gay so he would stay single.


When She Kissed Chandler


This is while she was engaged to Barry!

To be fair, it was a "what if" episode, but still! And it was during a daydream...still! Pretty savage.

That Time Ross Whitened His Teeth


Ross was so proud of his newly whitened teeth, and he wanted to show them to Rachel. He asks "notice anything different?"

And she replies: "Your teeth? Yeah, I saw them from outside".

Rachel Didn't Take S-Word While She Was Pregnant


Seriously, she wouldn't even sit and listen to one of Pheobe's ridiculous stories.

Granted, they're hard to listen too when you're not carrying around a human child, so I'm not surprised.

When She Called Out Her Sister


Truth be told, her sister was a lot dumber than she was, so it's always funny when Rachel has to put her down.

In this case, when she puts down her "Career".

When She Burned Ross' Career


Poor Ross. You know, Archeology isn't that boring... and it's awful important as well!

Not to Rachel however, who makes fun of it for it at every opportunity... because she's a savage.

The Time She Burned Down Pheobe's Apartment

Okay, to be fair, this was completely accidental, so she can't be blamed for that.

But she ended up being happier when she moved out--pretty savage if you ask me.

When She Yelled At Chandler For Ruining A Date


Poor Chandler. The guy had no idea what he was doing.

Oh well, that is probably one of the best responses to "you idiot" in television, nay, world history.

She Was A Terrible Ex


Pretty much every time Ross got into a new relationship, Bonnie, Charlie, Julie, Emily, etc, she would get all pissed off. She also constantly told her parents that Ross was crappy.

How savage of her.

When She Uttered These Words About Pregnancy


That would resonate throughout the rest of the time, exiting the lips of every pregnant woman who had a man try to mansplain pregnancy to her.

Take that, Ross! You mansplaining man, you!

When She Put Down Ross' Baby Names


Man, Ross sure does take a lot of crap from Rachel in this series...

However, Ruth isn't a very good name for a baby. It's one of those names you adopt when you... well, when you become 89.