A John Wick Spin-Off Is Happening And It's With Assassin Ballerinas

Well, John Wick fans, it seems you'll be getting even more of that series you love oh so very much.

It's not an actual John Wick movie though, so maybe it won't be as good.

'John Wick' is one of those series...


One of those series that grabs you by the... hm... reproductive organs and drags you along for one heck of a ride.

And we've been thankful for the uncomfortable leading ever since the first movie.

And now, there's going to be even more of it.


Len Wiseman, who was going to direct Swamp Thing but that got canceled (lame) has been chosen to direct a John Wick spinoff, entitled Ballerina.

Alright, this is getting interesting... go on...

The movie is going to center around a female assassin.


Can you guess her motivation? Go ahead, take a "Stab" at it (haha, thank you, thank you).

If you guessed stock assassin motivation number 4-2-0-6-9, "family was murdered" then you're correct!

That's about all we know at this time.


No, wait, one more thing: it's written by John Wick: Chapter 3 writer Shay Hatten, so we can probably expect a whole bunch of gratuitous violence for the movie.

Excellent, I'm in.