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These Graffiti Nails Will Have You Feeling Like A Fresh Princess

Whether you like to agree with it or not, graffiti is a serious form of art and has actually been around for centuries. People have always been etching into objects that "should" be left unobstructed.

While graffiti is more popularly associated with punks who just want to ruin buildings, you can dodge any potential violation of your artistic self by just getting some graffiti-inspired nail art.

Graffiti is pretty cool, to be honest.

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When I see graffiti like this on a side of a building or in an alley, it adds a pop of color to a super bland and boring cityscape.

There's also something about the big bold and exaggerated letters and icons that add an edge to any look.

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I mean, the whole art form is related to defiance, of doing something that's "not allowed," so these nails also make you feel BA.

Of course, this nail artist had to do it.

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These nails are, of course, an homage to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a classic and iconic '90s American sitcom.

It wouldn't be a real nod at the craft without some red brick walls!

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If you're feeling the power of nostalgia or just feeling like you need a little more edge in your life, then these nails are for you!

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