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Kit Kat's Newest Dark Chocolate Mint Flavor Will Arrive Just In Time For The Holidays

Ultimate break supporter Kit Kat has always had the most creative and inventive flavors of their iconic chocolate-coated wafers. They're known to have regional-specific flavors around the globe, especially in Japan.

Lately, they've been changing up their milk chocolate for other seasonal and scrumptious flavors, like their latest mint and dark chocolate Duos.

Back in April, it was confirmed that a new permanent Kit Kat would be released.

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The year-round treat? A Kit Kat Duos candy bar in the flavor Mint and Dark Chocolate.

The candy bar features a creamy mint top and a rich dark chocolate bottom wrapped around their iconic crisp cookie wafers.

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This design ensures you never miss a bite of the mint chocolately flavor explosion, and it looks so pretty too.

Instagram food reviewers like the foodie twins @mnmtwinz say the bar is expected to hit shelves come December, just in time for the minty flavors that mark the cooler holiday season.

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But, not everyone likes mint and chocolate, so this should be interesting to see how this release pans out all year long.

However, the twins profess, "If you don’t like mint, still give it a try if you love Kit Kat and are feeling festive."

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If the mint is more creamy and less spicy and not super overpowering, it sound like it might taste similar to a Thin Mint, which I am totally down with!

Would you give this new flavor a try? Let us know!

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