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People Are Turning Target Halloween Candy Bowls Into Spoopy Succulent Planters

No matter the time of year, succulents are always in season and in style. They're so pretty and generally easy to care for. I say generally because I happen to be pretty good at accidentally killing them.

Anyways, people are repurposing Halloween candy bowls from Target and turning them into adorable seasonal succulent planters, and we seriously need to make some.

At first glance, these are super cute festive candy bowls to keep around the home for Halloween.

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When you go to grab candy, it's like you're snatching it straight from their mouths! Such a creative design.

But, what's even cuter is how people have repurposed these candy bowls into planters for succulents.

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Now it looks like they're eating succulents. Too cute!

No matter the size of succulent, they fit perfectly in the candy bowl's opening.

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It's just so adorable!

This one looks like it's vomiting string of pearls!

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Will you be mixing your love for Halloween and succulents this spoopy season?

Let us know!

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