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Dad’s Accidental Video Of Baby Daughter Dancing To Dog Playing Piano Goes Viral

The most unbelievable and amusing events typically unfold before our eyes when we're least expecting them to. The chances of catching things like this on video are about a million-to-one, but anything can happen in this strange and wonderful world.

Catching your pets doing something human-like is definitely an odd experience, though there's a pretty big difference between seeing rover sit on the couch like your grandad and seeing him play an instrument.

Meet Buddy Mercury: a pup musician celebrity.

Instagram | @buddymercury

Buddy's owners named him after the late Freddy Mercury after noticing that he had a habit of howling along to songs and expressing excitement when either of them began to play music.

Buddy gained his internet fame shortly after a video was posted of him and the owners' baby daughter.

Instagram | @buddymercury

While the girl's father was filming her playing, Buddy got up on his hind legs and began to hit piano keys.

The event was so hilarious that Buddy's paw-rents kept filming, and their daughter even begins to dance to the music.

After the video's virality, Buddy was branded as a self-taught piano player.

Instagram | @buddymercury

His adopted parents have started a Facebook page, Instagram, and even his own website.

The video has since been shown on several news outlets and even America's Funniest Home Videos.

Buddy's parents have a goal in mind for the future of Buddy's career.

Instagram | @buddymercury

"Buddy Mercury has a dream to be featured on ELLEN or JIMMY FALLON!" the website reads, "If you can help to make that dream a reality, please email"

However, any money made from Buddy's original music (yes, he has an entire album) goes directly to animal rescue organizations.

"Buddy Mercury donates a percentage of every purchase directly to shelters that help save animals! "

"Why shop, when you can adopt?"

Instagram | @buddymercury

"This dog's mission is simple," the website continues, "bringing joy, laughter and pawsitivity to the world through the love of music, and helping more furry friends to be rescued."

Watch Buddy Mercury and his sister for yourself.

But beware: extreme cuteness overload will occur. Get those 'awwwwwws' and paws ready!

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