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Krispy Kreme's Monster Batch Halloween Donuts Are Terrifyingly Adorable

We're in the thick of Halloween festivities now, folks. The beginning of fall was all about pumpkin spice, but Halloween-tober is about everything fright.

To gear up for the spooky season, Krispy Kreme is releasing the cutest monster-inspired donuts we ever did see!

This is Krispy Kreme's Halloween lineup.

Krispy Kreme

Called the Monster Batch, this terrifyingly cute trio all have festive monster names and descriptions.

This green one is known as Slimon, referencing its green gooey icing that looks like Nickelodeon slime.

Krispy Kreme

It's an original filled donut stuffed we a lemon "slime" filling, and satisfies those with a sweet and sour tooth.

Hypno-Henry is a delicious donut filled with cake batter. Hold the phone.

Krispy Kreme

It's dipped in yellow icing and given a sprinkle of orange sanding sugar.

Of course, it wouldn't be a hypnotizing donut without a trippy icing swirl. Don't be surprised if you can't resist!

Lastly, there's Mumford, who seems to resemble a monster mummy!

Krispy Kreme

This one's an original donut glazed with white icing and given a fun mummy design with purple icing.

You can catch them in all participating Krispy Kreme locations while they last!

It's also worth mentioning that you can get a free donut of your choice if you stop in on October 31 in costume!

I'll do anything for free donuts, so count me in!

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