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These Whiskey-Filled Capsules Are Basically Like Alcoholic Tide Pods

Does anyone else remember that episode of Parks and Recreation where the guys go to that bar "Essence" and all the alcohol is basically served in every way, shape, and form except as a liquid in a glass?

They're told they can get their buzz on by enjoying vodka in the form of a flash of light, lathering on some whiskey-infused lotion, enjoying whatever the heck a "Nimbus Martini aromasphere" is, or by snacking on Bud Light cotton candy.

All interesting ways of getting boozy, sure. But what if you could throw back some whiskey shots in the form of a Tide Pod?

If this sounds like your kind of party, then the Glenlivet's got you covered.

YouTube | The Glenlivet Whisky

Known as the "Glenlivet Capsule Collection", these squishy little pouches of alcoholic goodness are the latest and greatest way to get you buzzed, without the need for a glass, bottle, or ice.

According to VICE, you just pop one in your mouth and bite down to release the whiskey. Sort of like a grownup Gusher. But you know, alcohol.

I promise I'm not kidding — this is actually a real product that you can actually eat. Or drink. Or both? I'm not sure yet.

The company behind the revolutionary pods have released a YouTube video demonstrating just how enjoyable they really are. Watch in awe as actors gather at their local watering hole to share stories and laughs while casually consuming variously colored alcohol balloons.

In all seriousness, yes these capsules are weird, but in a way they're also pretty cool.

YouTube | The Glenlivet Whisky

Each one is made from seaweed so they're entirely edible, unlike their dangerous Tide Pod counterparts. But let's all just agree to never speak about that insane moment in our history ever again and leave it far, far behind us in 2018 where it belongs.

If you don't know, the Glenlivet is a top-selling brand of Scotch.

According to Bloomberg the brand came up with what they've dubbed to be "glassless cocktails" in three whiskey-infused flavors: citrus, wood and spice.

I do unfortunately have some bad news for those of you eager to give one of these little pods a taste test.

YouTube | The Glenlivet Whisky

The "Glenlivet Capsule Collection" hasn't been approved by the US and it's only available in the UK. But if you were looking for a reason to book a trip across the pond, I think I may have found it.

For the rest of us, we'll just enjoy our regular, ho-hum glass beverages for now. But you guys have fun with your seaweed-wrapped alcohol pouches. They look great.

h/t: VICE, Bloomberg

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