The McRib Is Making A Major McComeback, Just In Time For Comfort Food Weather

No one knows why McDonalds' McRib is such a fan favorite. Maybe it's the smokey, tangy, and sweet flavors that somehow all come together to create an explosion of flavor on the palette. Maybe its mystery is what makes it so appealing and alluring — no one knows when it arrives, and no one knows when it leaves.

Well, hold on to your butts, because the McRib is officially BACK, and its struck just in time for fall comfort eating weather.

It's pretty simple to say that people absolutely adore the McRib.


But it's the truth.

There's even a website dedicated to locating the fast food sandwich when it hits stores, and that's how we all found out it was making a major comeback.

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"BREAKING NEWS!!" Instagrammer @slc573113 excitedly announced in a post.

Instagram | @slc573113

"Heard it was coming back on the 7th, but already saw it at some locations."

All of you who have already seen it and tried it are lucky buns!

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It's so simple, yet people love it so much.

Instagram | @obx_living

The sandwich features a McRib pork patty that's slathered in a special smokey McRib sauce, dressed with tangy pickles and spicy and sweet onions, all wedged between a homestyle roll.

All of these flavors have completely entranced people all over the country.

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This Instagrammer couldn't wait to take a bite.

Instagram | @dumb_julio

Who knows how long this promotion will last, so you better double up when you order!

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