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Doritos Screamin' Sriracha Are Here, And We're Screaming Srirach-YEAH!

Sriracha is one hot food, and I don't mean just because of its spicy properties. The Thai chili sauce is one popular condiment, adding some serious sweet chili heat to eggs, chicken, salmon, veggies, and now, chips.

A few months ago, it was announced that Doritos would be releasing a new spicy flavor.


And Doritos loooooooves their spicy flavors. Earlier this year, they came out with their Flamin' Hot Nacho flavor that took the chip world by storm.

People were shook.

Now people will be shaking even more because or favorite versatile condiment is hitting shelves.

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According to the people over at People, the corn chip brand touts the flavor as "the perfect balance of punch and spice for bold, food-curious snackers."

This flavor will also come in either a small bag for $1.89 or large one for $4.29.

If you were in Japan last year, you may have spotted this flavor and maybe even tried it!

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I wonder how the two might differ, or maybe they don't at all!

All I know is that I'm about to hit up every snack store I know to find these puppies.

So, you do you think? Are you srirach-YEAH or srirach-NO?

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