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Applebees' $1 October Cocktail Comes With A Set Of Wearable Vampire Fangs

When we think of Halloween at restaurants, we usually think they might dye some of their foods orange or black, add more pumpkin items, or maybe give their desserts a spooky upgrade.

But for adults, this means scoping out tasty Halloween-inspired boozy cocktails, and Applebees is certainly delivering.

If you're not familiar, Applebees highlights a special cocktail every month.

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For the month of October, they've released a very spooky drink for the Halloween season called the $1 Vampire.

Although, the price sure isn't very scary!

It's made with rum and flavors of dragon fruit, passion fruit, and strawberry.

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While that sounds like the perfect cocktail to sip on by a pool, its deep purple color and plastic vampire fangs make it anything but summery.

So, slap on those vampire fangs and get sippin'!