Dancer's Zombie Makeup Confuses Hospital Staff Following Her Panic Attack

We all know that life can come at us fast sometimes, but it's still easy to be amazed by its wild sense of timing when that happens.

Although there are plenty of cases where we get injured in otherwise mundane situations, it almost seems obligatory when a problem arises right at the moment where it would be hardest to explain.

"Of course this happens now," we say as we groan and shake our heads.

But when the context of those strange circumstances aren't made clear, it can create a lot of confusion for everybody involved. And that seemed to happen when a dancer checked into a Michigan hospital.

Jai Fears is a professional dancer who has toured with R&B legends Aretha Franklin and Charlie Wilson.

Instagram | @jaifears

As Fox2 reported, however, she had a very different role on November as she was doing a photo shoot for Glam Gore in Royal Oak, Michigan.

This was a marketing session to help the brand get in touch with people who want their makeup done for Halloween.


So as you might expect, this required rocking a pretty extreme look to show what Glam Gore was capable of.

Unfortunately, Fears would end up experiencing a panic attack about three hours into the shoot.


Just as unfortunately, her makeup was mistaken for a horrifying injury when she arrived at Beaumont hospital, which led staff to bring her to the trauma center.

As they reportedly said, "Let's get her back to trauma now and she's probably going into shock, she's not making any sense."

For her part, Fears said nothing because she had assumed that staff could tell she was covered in makeup.

However, it was apparently more realistic than she realized, which led a Beaumont representative to make the following statement.


"The emergency room is not a place for fun and games. They see many patients with severe medical issues where lives are at stake. Doctors need to be able to focus on those patients with true emergencies."

To this, Fears replied with a message on Facebook, saying, "Let me please say anxiety is no joke or laughing matter. It was a serious situation that happened at a strange time."

h/t: Fox2