We Have Tom Holland To Thank For Spider-Man Staying In The Marvel Universe

I was wondering who managed to do that!

Often times megacorporations don't get along all that well, considering they're not people and have no hearts. Luckily we have Tom Holland, a people!

Spider-Man has been through a whole lot this year.


He was brought back to life in Endgame, beaten about my Mysterio in Far From Home, and then there was, of course, the Disney and Sony debacle that happened earlier this year.

For a moment, Spider-Man was stuck in the evil clutches of Sony.


But, seemingly out of nowhere, he was returned to the evil clutches of Disney safe and sound.

What happened? Are we finally seeing some movie studios acting with some compassion for their fans?

No, of course not. It was Tom Holland.


The young man who plays Spider-Man had to step in and bring everyone to their senses.

First, apparently, after the D23 expo, he urged the Sony Pictures film chair Tom Rothman to at least talk to Disney.

But that wasn't all.

Instagram | tomholland2013

He went to Bob Iger, Emporer er I mean CEO of Disney and pleaded with him to find a way to keep Spider-Man in the MCU.

Finally, he showed them both the overwhelming support from fans, and the two struck a deal.

Thank you, Tom!