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14+ Funny Pics That’ll Make You Feel Young And Free Again

Paddy Clarke 4 Oct 2019

There really is no stopping the inevitable crushing crawl towards old age and decrepitation — what a way to kick off a funny list eh? However, there are things we can do to keep ourselves feeling young, and laughter is one of them — or so my friends with more hippy leanings tell me.

So, with the aim of keeping you and me feeling young at heart, here are 14+ funny pictures that'll make you feel young and free again!

1. When Your Stepdad Thinks Archery Is A Good Idea

Reddit | kinderapplemusic

I feel like they really didn't need to bring the bow with them. What're you gonna do, just keep firing it until it bursts through the other side?

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2. Husband Day Care

Reddit | WPTheManInTheBack

A pub with a ball pit seems like a great idea, in theory; however, I went in one once at a club night and lost my phone. It took us forty-five minutes to find it, and the fun really stopped after about thirty-five minutes!

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3. "My young niece and I send each other funny cards in the mail sometimes. Her latest one really cut me deep."

Reddit | TheToolMan

Remember when you were young and could say whatever you want? I tried saying this to a fella the other night in the pub and rightfully got punched.

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4. "Waiting for pay day like."

Reddit | ThePrivateDanster

Ah, nothing screams being young and free like being broke as hell trying to buy food when you already spent all of that month's money on a remote control helicopter which you crashed after 10 minutes. Definitely never happened to me.

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5. Young And Honest

Reddit | allenme213

Another thing I miss about being young is the ability to be so brazen with my lack of responsibility and debts.

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6. "Got my wedding photos back and safe to say I found the speeches pretty funny!"

Reddit | airborneANDrowdy

This is like a crossover between wedding photos and the pictures you get at the end of a roller coaster ride at a theme park.

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7. "My dog looks like a middle-aged man who just took his first selfie."

Reddit | euph31

Caption reads: Son just showed me how to work this, lovely to see you Barbara, will send over Quiche at weekend x

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8. Parenting In A Nutshell

Reddit | airborneANDrowdy

Kids are just machines with the aim of killing/injuring themselves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your job is to stop them at all costs.

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9. "Next level pick pocketer"

Reddit | SnagSangas

Ah, remember the days when you were young and were recruited by a man to join his gang of merry, yet downtrodden pickpockets? Oh, wait, I think I'm confusing Dickens with real life again.

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10. "Their kids are buried around them, but I wish they'd worded it better."

Reddit | GooGooGajoob67

This is as though the headstone was erected by that one neighbor everyone has who loves to gossip over a glass of wine.

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11. "No Kids"


But will that money really bring you happiness? What a stupid question, of course it will!

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12. "This free gas is never happening"


I can imagine the attendant has some enlightening conversations as a result of this sign. Here's a tip for working with the general public, it's easier if you never engage them in conversation about anything, political or otherwise.

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13. Ecclesiastes 3:11


And lo, the lord bequeathed upon Adam and Eve the gift of the internet, saying, "Thou shalt only post pictures of skeletons on Reddit in October, nothing else, no matter how annoying it gets! Everything else is pretty much free game so knock yourselves out."

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14. Does That Mean If I Pay In Cash, I Can Get My Change In Goats?

Reddit | Footey2

I spent a night with a goat on shrooms once; it was an awful night, he was having a really bbaaaaaad trip. (Don't know if goats go "baa" but they've been known to shriek which would actually be more terrifying so picture that instead!)

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15. "Local Church was vandalized today in my town. Young punks and their love of fine linen."

Reddit | agnes222

Who doesn't love satin? They may be vandals but they have skin!

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16. In Case Of Accident, Have The Best Time Ever!

Reddit | I_love_moo

I mean, if you're going to get fired for tipping over a truck of red wine, you may as well spend your last hours getting blasted on tarmac merlot!

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17. "Flipped off the Apple Maps car as it passed by my house, happy to say it made the cut"

Reddit | vinjack23

I love it, with those tan boots, washed-out baggy jeans, and white shirt this could be the single classiest photo of anyone ever.

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18. What A Beautiful Mane

Reddit | horn1k

That Bojack Horseman live-action remake isn't looking great!

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19. Agonizingly Long Guitar Solo Starts Playing

Reddit | xMeta4x

Is this what Lynyrd Skynyrd has been singing about all this time? It's certainly how my brain feels when I have to listen to them.

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20. "Fantastic. I'll just turn around then"

Reddit | Big_T_7575

Surely it would be more efficient to buy a gate? You know, one of those things that has been used to stop people coming down your path for hundreds of years!

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