This 'John Wick' And 'Matrix' Fan Theory Might Actually Make Sense

Uh oh, another fan theory that makes a bunch of sense. I don't want to commit too much to this one, lest I make another Frozen/Tarzan mistake.

I can't be embarrassed that badly again.

So there's this new fan theory that has to do with 'John Wick' and 'The Matrix'.


Which sure, I can buy.

They both have Keanu Reeves as their lead actor, they both involve a lot of wacky stunts/martial arts, and they were both huge in their time.

Alright, I'm sold, let's hear this new fan theory. Take it away, me.


Thanks, me.

So yes, the main connecting feature between these two films is obviously their stars, or should I say star, Keanu Reeves.

But this fan theory actually revolves around a different actor from both franchises...

Laurence Fishburne. Boom, name drop.

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So at the end of John Wick 3, Laurence Fishburne approaches John Wick, they talk for a bit and eventually decide to team up against the shadowy organization known as "The High Table".

So, people are thinking...


That in the fourth John Wick, Laurence Fishburne is going to reveal himself to be Morpheus and tell John Wick that he's actually Neo in another fabricated world.

To quote Keanu Reeves: Woah.